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Tina is part of Dave Samy's gang while she was the only girl till Clea joined the gang she isn't put off at all by what the boys say, she hasn't told anybody her last name.


Tina is in a relationship with Penny and get along great, she's thinking of asking Penny to marry her, she never thought when she was younger she'd fall in love with somebody of the same gender as her self.

Role in the gangEdit

Tina is a perfect sharpshooter and uses a sniper rifle, she rarely stays put too long for the enemy to know where she is, she believes in the God-Emperor.

Bond in the gangEdit

Tina has a few bonds with the others in the gang

Dave Samy- Tina and Dave get along well Tina trusts Dave with her life is going to miss him a lot.

Duke Franken - Tina catches Duke staring at her breasts which makes her uncomfortable.

Yami Franken - Tina finds Yami cute when he is asleep but don't see him as her boyfriend.

Joey Hawker - Tina and Joey rarely get along.

Clea - Tina has only known Clea for a few weeks and isn't sure if she has what it takes to be a killer.


As already said Tina is perfect sharpshooter so she carries a long range rifle but for close combat which is rare for her she uses a AutoPistol.

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