Vanessa Starkey

Twin of Lilly Starkey


Lilly was the fair twin, with hair of flaxen gold. She was always the one that defended the people that the more obnoxious Vanessa called "pipsqueak" or something of that nature. Lilly was always the one that would willingly obey the will of their parents, while Vanessa seemed to challenge every one. Lilly, of course, was rather modest. In reality she was a brilliant artist, but she didn't boast about her qualities; she actually openly spoke of the fact that she didn't think she was very good.

She was five minutes older than Vanessa, and turned out in the long run to be much cleverer in an academic context, and she acted much more maturely than her sister, so much more that Lilly seemed to be much older. Nobody that had not met, or at least didn't know the twins very well, would have never guessed that the time that separated them was a mere five minutes.

Vanessa, however, had blood red hair, a rich red. She was naughty, and often WIP

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