Evanescence - Wake me up inside03:59

Evanescence - Wake me up inside

The WLA song they play for a party

Joan of arc by dashinvaine-d4nvcoz

Jon of Arc being the symbol of Female power and the symbol of the WLA

Women's Liberation Army was created by Queen B after the first conflict and she pointed her efforts to free all women from male opressation and will use anymeans to do so. 

Troops Edit

All of the soldiers are woman who have been mistreated or have suffered pain from males or from roach, if a male should be found or captured they are then beaten and turned into slaves for the soldiers or in extreme cases targets that they shoot at. however this is not seen as much do to they want men to be their slaves not targets. 

Primary sorcue of money Edit

The WLA sorcue of money is in the slave trade saleing male slaves and buying weapons with the profit made of the sales. However this is not the only way they make money for their war effort they also sale a drug that inhances the body so that the user thinks its in a fantasy world that they can not come out until they want more so they can go deeper into the rabit hole. 

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