Planets are done in type

  • Armoury World - is the Imperial term for a planet that is used by the Departmento Munitorum to store vast amounts of weapons, ammountion and war machines. They are heavily defended.
  • Dead World - the name says what they are, dead worlds can't surport human life.
  • Forge World - Forge worlds are the backbone of the Imperial, they make everything from starships to even farming equipment, don't ask why they produce farming equipment.
  • Hive World - they are the most populuos of Imperial planet.
  • Daemon World - are worlds twisted and corrupted by the power of Chaos and the Wrap after being in a prolonged Wrap rift.
  • Death World - is a planet which is too dangerous for a variety of environmental and biosphere reasons to support widespread human settlement.
  • Clone World
  • Forbidden World - also called a Quarantined World is a planet that has been declared off-limits to contact with Imperial citizens by the governement of the Imperium of Man.

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