Yami Franken standing by a wall.

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Yami Franken -
Scrap Knight

The Emperor protects.

Yami Franken is part of Dave Samy's gang, he is only 17 years old which is two years underage to be in a gang.


Yami at the moment is in a relationship with Nerina.

Earliy lifeEdit

Yami had a rough life when he was just ten years old his mum and dad left never to return as a result Yami can't stand seeing homeless kids with no family.

Though he says he's not the hand to hand type he does at times challenge enemies to hand to hand combat.

Times when in the thought of death was coming for himEdit

When in combat Yami has thought death was coming for him, which has made him fight and make each shot count.

During these times Yami sings the song Last Ammunition by Deathstars.

  • A few weeks after his mum and dad left him Yami was on the edge of death, he was saved by Joey who found him moaning in a bush.
  • After losing sight of the others in the gang and under heavy fire by Orks, Yami fired every round of ammunition in all his weapons.
  • While helping in a joint Gang attack to take back a town Yami manned the turret of a destroyed Leman Russ MBT and managed to knock out five Ork vehicles.

Gang BondEdit

Have a bond with gang

Dave Samy - Yami trusts Dave with his life, both get along well.

Tina - Yami and Tina get along well.

Joey Hawker - Yami and Joey get along well.

Duke Franken - Don't like the fact he has to fight with his brother.

Clea - Yami has only known Clea for a short amount of time but gets along with Clea.

Role in the gangEdit

Yami is calm under preasure and is quite skilled with firearms, he has very good vehicle skills and has a large understanding of ambush tactic's.


Yami has small choice of weapons.

Primery - Agripinaa pattern type II. An Autogun.

Secondly - Flamer. A Imperial Guard flame thrower.

Side Arm - M4 Semi-Automatic Pistol. A 7 round ISA pistol fires a 50AE round.

Close Combat - Two knifes one on his left leg the other on his chest piece.

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